Hotels and Accommodations in Sisters, OR

Being a small town, Sisters has limited accommodation options but visitors will find some options to stay on their visit to the 3 Sisters Mountain Range :


  1. Hotels and Motels: Even though limited in number, there are several hotels and motels in Sisters, including the Sisters Inn & Suites, Best Western Ponderosa Lodge, and FivePine Lodge & Spa. A few of these offer comfortable rooms, convenient amenities like free breakfast and Wi-Fi, and easy access to local attractions. We have listed a few hotels along with ratings and address, please let us know if we missed any and we will add to this list
  2. Vacation Rentals: Sisters also has a variety of vacation rental options, including cabins, cottages, and houses. Vacation rental websites (Airbnb and VRBO) have listings for vacation homes in Sisters, and local property management companies like Sisters Vacation Rentals and Black Butte Vacation Rentals offer a wide range of options as well. We will add some links and contact info going forward
  3. Bed and Breakfasts: Sisters has some charming bed and breakfasts that offer a more personalized experience. The Suttle Lodge & Boathouse, The Lodge at Suttle Lake, and the Blue Spruce Bed & Breakfast are just a few examples.
  4. Campgrounds: For those who prefer to camp, Sisters has several campgrounds in the area, including Camp Sherman RV Park and Campground, Cold Springs Campground, and Pine Rest Cabins and RV Park.

Hotels & B/B options : In no particular order, we have listed hotel and Bread & Breakfasts options with address and ratings below:

  1. Best Western Ponderosa Lodge – 3.5 stars – 500 Highway 20 West, Sisters, OR 97759
  2. Sisters Inn & Suites – 3.5 stars – 611 W. Cascade Avenue, Sisters, OR 97759
  3. Five Pine Lodge & Spa – 4.5 stars – 1021 E. Desperado Trail, Sisters, OR 97759
  4. The Lodge at Suttle Lake – 4 stars – 13300 US Highway 20, Sisters, OR 97759
  5. Black Butte Ranch – 4 stars – 13899 Bishops Cap, Sisters, OR 97759
  6. Sisters Motor Lodge – 3.5 stars – 411 N. Highway 20, Sisters, OR 97759
  7. Shibui Spa – 4.5 stars – 109 W. Main Avenue, Sisters, OR 97759
  8. Suttle Lodge & Boathouse – 4.5 stars – 13300 US Highway 20, Sisters, OR 97759
  9. The Pines Motel & Cottages – 4 stars – 1565 W. McKenzie Highway, Sisters, OR 97759
  10. Bronco Billy’s Ranch Grill & Saloon – 3 stars – 1020 E. Cascade Avenue, Sisters, OR 97759
  11. The Blue Spruce Bed and Breakfast – 809 N Pine St Sisters, OR 97759
  12. Sisters Bed and Breakfast – 605 N. Main Street Sisters, OR 97759
  13. The Lazy Z Resort – 1001 W. McKenzie Hwy. Sisters, OR 97759
  14. Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyards & Inn – 70450 NW Lower Valley Dr Terrebonne, OR 97760

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