Significance to Native Tribes

The Three Sisters Mountains, also known as the Three Sisters Wilderness, have significant cultural and spiritual significance to tribes in the region. The mountains are located in what is now central Oregon and were historically inhabited for thousands of years by several indigenous groups, including the Klamath, Paiute, and Sahaptin-speaking tribes.

For them, the Three Sisters Mountains are considered to be sacred and are associated with various myths, legends, and creation stories. The mountains are often referred to by different names, depending on the tribe, such as “Faith,” “Hope,” and “Charity,” or “Mountains of the Three Sisters” or “Three Sisters Mountains.” These names reflect the significance of the mountains as a symbol of unity, balance, and harmony.

They are also considered to be a source of spiritual power and are believed to be inhabited by various spiritual beings, such as guardians or protectors, who help to maintain the balance between humans and the natural world. The mountains are also a significant site for traditional ceremonies and rituals, such as vision quests, healing ceremonies, and prayer offerings.

Today the place, besides being a tourist attraction for its natural beauty, several Native American tribes continue to maintain a strong connection to the Three Sisters Mountains and the surrounding wilderness areas. They work to protect and preserve the natural and cultural resources of the area, while also promoting traditional knowledge and practices related to the mountains.

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