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Copy my service outsourcing business model to achieve financial independence and geographic freedom


I’m Jordaché, also known as JBR. I graduated in Computer Science, and made my way in life through my business ventures. I specialise in branding with service outsourcing as my primary business model, while also incorporating subscription based strategies, which has been the main key to my accomplishments. This business model is very scalable with high profit margins and costs almost nothing to operate.

By the age of 26, I had bought an 18,000sqft multi-million-pound commercial gym site, which I’ve since developed and scaled. My experience is diverse and I’ve consulted others to build successful businesses and create profitable income streams with my ability to precisely execute strategy on what is needed.

Now residing in Dubai and driving my dream cars has allowed me to reflect on my true passion: empowering others to remove perceived barriers, overcome their limiting beliefs to achieve greatness.

This is where I focus my energy, expertise and passion. That’s why I’ve now decided to offer 1-2-1 mentorship and equip you with the necessary tools to succeed in building your own brand.

Spaces are limited – let’s start on this journey together and create an extraordinary life for you!

Give the most value and overcome limiting beliefs

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Building your Brand

Introducing a high-end professional site build, exquisitely made bespoke for your brand to showcase the services that you offer with elegance and impact. Your website is built on our custom £450 premium theme which seamlessly blends aesthetic design with functionality and our framework tailored to your industry.

We curate a superior digital presence like no other, but also a powerhouse in driving business effectively ensuring all website components from branding, service display, integration, policy pages, GDPR compliance and comprehensive backend management are implemented and expertly handled. A solid foundation for those wanting to take this seriously! 


I have included my Business Launch Formula as part of the site build, which are the crucial steps my team and I will carry out for you below as part of our research and due diligence process before launching your brand's website. This is worth £800 and included FREE for this month!

I help you decide on an industry niche that aligns with your passions or prior experiences and possess high market demand utilising our specific criteria to ensure a profitable business opportunity with our service brokerage model.

Traversing through the intricate details, we unravel crucial insights and comprehend the complexities of market dynamics within your chosen niche, courtesy of our thorough market research and competition analysis. Are you ready to uncover the secrets to standing out in your chosen niche?

Your brand is more than just a name or logo; it’s a narrative, a promise and a mission that establishes its unique identity in the industry. We construct an impactful brand persona, precisely positioning it within the market landscape to appeal to your ideal audience. Through a combination of keen insights, strategic planning, we’ll shape a compelling offer that not only stands out but also aligns perfectly with our distinctive business model. Are you prepared to own a brand that doesn’t just speak, but reverberates with purpose, affirming its exclusive standing and value proposition. 

Explore a world where sophisticated design principles and cutting edge development methodologies converge. Your brand will be encapsulated in a website where visual elegance is synergised with robust functionality, ensuring your brand has an intuitive user interface to not only radiate appeal but also operate fast with unrivalled efficiency to enhance conversion rates. This stage is dedicated to launching a professional brand, that’s securely established online and engineered to create a lasting impression. 

If there is a requirement for your customers to pay electronically online, secure payment via SSL and a reliable merchant account, such as Stripe, is essential. Depending on your industry niche, and business strategy, we may integrate these features into your website, ensuring a safe and seamless transaction experience for both your business and your customers.


Copying my business model

Other business models / Doing it yourself

Join my mentorship program

Empowering you to transform your mindset to be the best version of yourself. Consistency and discipline are some of the essential components to your success.

I will work 1-2-1 with my clients to implement the business structure, strategy, and mindset, alongside the other vital elements required to successfully grow their brand with speed.

From £54.99/pm. Limited spaces. Cancel anytime.

Who is JBR?

Combining a wealth of real world business experience with technical degree certification, I stand as one of the only ones in the industry, uniquely positioned to offer these services to my students, ensuring depth and understanding in delivery.